Fred Sokolow: Complete Advanced Ukulele Guide


The Ukulele has never been more popular, and Fred Sokolow ‘s relaxed, user-friendly teaching style makes it easy to learn. In this Advanced Lesson you’ll learn more moveable and first-position chords, diminished chords and many more jazz chord shapes. There are more chord/melody solos that’ll get you playing up and down the neck, more blues licks, and a bluegrassy fingerpicking solo. Tunes include Crazy,Matchbox, Rosetta, Fly Me To the Moon, Mister Sandman, Anytime, Wreck of Old 97 and When You Wish Upon a Star. Fred slows all the tunes down and breaks them down so they’re easy to learn. You’ll also enjoy his uke lore, stories about the the songs and the players. All the songs are written out in tab and music, with chord grids as well. Whether you’re a novice or a uke player wanting more repertoire and technique, there’s plenty here for you. It’s a great way to expand your horizons on this wonderful instrument.

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